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A Veteran-Created  Audio Program

Pat's Taps is a veteran-created audio program offering practical guidance for veterans transitioning to civilian life, focusing on what really matters post-military.

Pats Taps Customer
Pats Taps Customer
Pats Taps Customer

Navigating your VA benefits meets self-development.

Welcome Veteran!

I know you've already gone through the TAP class the military offers, but let's be real – they don't always reach us in the way we need. Maybe you weren't in the right headspace to absorb it all, or it didn't resonate like you hoped, or maybe you did it online and just clicked right through it (I’ve been there) ..… My mission with Pat's Taps is to change that and provide the support and guidance you actually need to be successful now that you’re a veteran. 

Being out of the military opens up so many possibilities, but it can also be overwhelming. When I transitioned, I was feeling bitter, lost, and I lacked motivation. Maybe you're feeling the same way – just wanting to decompress and take a break. And hey, you deserve that. But I made so many mistakes when I got out, and looking back, I wish I had something like this to guide me, support me, and offer practical advice – when it comes to navigating VA benefits and receiving life advice from someone who’s been through it. That's why I created this program – to be the resource I wish I had. 

Here’s what you can expect over the next few days if you decide to join. This program was created mainly for the newer and younger veteran, but if you're a seasoned vet or someone who's been out of the service for a while, there's still plenty of value for you here too. But if this program just wasn’t for you, shoot us an email, and we'll issue a full refund, no questions asked.

This audio program is designed to be completed over 7 days, with 7 chapters total being just under an hour each. Just do a chapter a day. I’ve cut out all the fluff and try and get right to the point when it comes to filing for disability, maximizing your GI Bill, leveraging your VA Home Loan, optimizing your TSP, starting an IRA, and taking charge of your finances in a conversational style way. Because I worked for Tony Robbins, I'll also delve into personal development topics such as nurturing successful relationships, prioritizing mental and physical health, and mastering emotional management. It's all practical guidance that will resonate, no matter where you are in your post-service journey.

My ultimate aim is to offer you peace of mind about where you stand now and clarity on your next steps, all while giving you complete control over your future decisions. You’ll feel lighter by the end of this thing, and have a ton of skills that will help you move forward.

This is a personal journey. Filing for disability is no one’s business but your own, and it's only us veterans who fully understand life in the service. I tried to make the program funny, I swear a little bit and hope that's alright, because I want it to be engaging, easy to follow and fun. Not a boring program that feels like school. Think of it like you and I having a one-on-one conversation in a room together. 

You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain, and I’ll walk you through every step of the way. Thanks again for your service, welcome to the civilian side of the military, and I’m excited to do what I can to serve you in this new and invigorating chapter of your life. 

Pat's taps bridges the gap where the Department of Defense's Transition Assistance Program (TAP) might not fully resonate with all exiting service members.

Military Memorial Day

You don’t have to have it all figured out today or this week or even this year. Life is about progress, not perfection, but if you don’t move forward, you don’t grow. I’m going to help you grow in a few areas of your life, provide you strategies that help you see the world through a lens that will continuously empower you, and let you begin to build momentum on your own.

You're a veteran now, and you deserve to not only use everything the VA has to offer, but you also deserve to feel happy, to be in a positive relationship that supports the both of you, and to feel truly fulfilled. I know first-hand how it feels in this moment, and from one vet to another, I got your back.

Life Is About Progress, Not Perfection

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